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"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday" - Pablo Picasso

ARTODONTICS… art that originates from dentists’ hearts.

Good judgement, a sense of professionalism, critical thinking, and soft skills are just some of the qualities that dentists are respected for. As a result of our education and training in a highly skilled discipline, we are critical thinkers, who enjoy an aesthetic acumen, and an eye for detail, which emulates through our art.
As dentists, we heal every patient we come across; but who or what is it that heals a healer? That’s where art comes in. Our inherent talent, every stroke of a brush, is meditative, and the amalgamation of our professional lives with our passions, births ‘dent-artists’. In every form, art for us exists in its own non-verbal parameters, and allows us the freedom of unadulterated self-expression.
Art helps us find our inner strength and balance that we have temporarily lost touch due to hectic working schedules. With an understanding of the creative capabilities of artists, as well as the challenges faced by the fraternity is realising their true potential, I envisioned and conceptualised ArtOdontics. ArtOdontics is the world’s first ever art platform for the dentists by the dentist…. where the dental fraternity across the globe can come together to showcase their art in the grandest way possible.
ArtOdontics is an act of profound creativity and innovation.

– Dr. Vaishali Das
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
Founder and Curator of ArtOdontics.

From The Curator’s Desk

“Taking this platform to the next level has always been the endeavour. Going online ensures that my dentartist community’s pool of talent can be accessible to the world. This time around, with ArtODontics 3.0 we bring art to you – in every corner of the world. Not stopping here, I pledge 20% of all painting sales towards COVID-19 welfare. In and all, the dentist’s community is going next level – be it with art or general goodwill.”
– Dr Vaishali Das
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Founder and Curator of ArtOdontics.


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