About Us

About the Platform

ArtOdontics is the world’s first ever art platform of the dentists, by the dentists. Founded by Mumbai-based Maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Vaishali Das, in 2019, it found resounding success in its first edition itself. Held at the iconic, heritage venue, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the art show witnessed a footfall of over 1500 visitors in 3 days. With more than 100 works of art such as paintings, sculptures and photographs on display, the artshow was one of the grandest that the community had seen.

Gaining new wind in its second edition, it has grown from being a simple art show to a holistic platform for ‘Dentartists’, the artists of the dentist community. Armed with the vision to empower dentartists, not only from India, but also at a global level, the art show is committed being a powerful platform that gives their art a window to the world. Through its online portal, ArtOdontics offers dentartists the opportunity to showcase their work as well as attract buyers and art lovers from world over.

How to Participate:

ArtOdontics 3.0, the online art show, adds more value for its participants, than they have ever witnessed before. Conducted online– ArtOdontics 3.0 offers dentartists the opportunity to showcase their work as well as attract buyers and art lovers from world over. Opening its doors to dentartists from across the world, the show provides two unique models of participation in a power-packed event round-the-clock.

Online Gallery

This online gallery is home to Artodontics 3.0’s prestigious art show.

An art gallery which is open 24×7, it gives higher visibility and a larger audience reach. With intense promotions across social media and digital avenues, the online gallery is your ticket to fame.

  • Entry : Free
  • Visibility time: 3 months
  • Benefits:
    – Participation in the group show
    – Each artist gets to display 3 artworks with Name, artwork info, and artist name
    – Similar to having your art displayed in a gallery where people will browse, appreciate and even buy your art

In the Spotlight

ARTnership: A membership programme that brings value to dentartists

Assuming the role of an artist manager, Artodontics will promote the individual artist by creating an individual page for them on the website which allows them to interact with art lovers, buyers and visitors.

  • Entry fees: Rs. 15,000
  • Visibility time: 12 months
  • Benefits:
    – Exclusive personalised page
    – Each artist gets to display 6 artworks on his personal page
    – The wall can be refreshed with 6 new artworks during the tenure
    – It will include Artwork description, Photo of the artist, Profile of the artist, for better visibility

The Following are the Terms & Conditions for ArtOdontics 3.0:-

  1. Participation in the art gallery would be free.
  2. Artists would be finalized after judging the artworks by fair means and open practice.
  3. The last date of registration is 2nd August 2021.
  4. Like our Previous phases, ArtOdontics 3.0 will be held for a period of 3 months.
  5. Artworks of the finalized artists will be showcased on ArtOdontics online platform and social media handles for the period of 3 months.
  6. The artists will also get full access to ArtOdontics Social media marketing team for that period to get the maximum sale of artworks posted.
  7. In case of a sale, the shipping cost will be borne by the artist.
  8. For any confirmed sale, 40% will be charged by ArtOdontics for marketing, online services provided & donation to Rotary Club of Mumbai Kalakar.
  9. The price of artworks would be decided by the artists accordingly and communicated to ArtOdontics.
  10. During the tenure of the display, all artworks will be sold via ArtOdontics only.
  11. The registration form is available on our website.

Artworks’ requirements are mentioned below: –


Name of the Dentartist:

Painting Title:

Size:  _ x  __ inches


Price: INR

In this format, all three artworks are to be uploaded in one single mail.


Important Pointers:

Images should be clear and without any watermarks.

Image file size should not be more than 1MB.

All info is to be shared in ONE single email.

Rename the artwork image file as per the title provided.

Please mail your artworks on the following email Ids in the above-mentioned format to:




DID YOU KNOW: In the first season of ArtODontics, over 18 artworks were sold within 3 days!