Dr. Vaishali

Dr. Vaishali Das is a Mumbai-based Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and the Founder of ArtOdontics. A self-taught artist, she has mostly learned through experimentation with various different mediums. For her, art is a spiritual tool, akin to meditation. Not wanting to be restricted to any particular medium or any school of thought, art is her means to exercise freedom of expression and showcase the world as seen through her eyes.

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Title: Akhuratha | Size: 20″X20″ |                                       Title: Akhuratha | Size: 20″X20″ |                                          Title: Akhuratha | Size: 20″X20″ |

Medium:Acrylic in canvas | Price: 10,000 |                                Medium:Acrylic in canvas | Price: 10,000 |                        Medium:Acrylic in canvas | Price: 10,000 |

She has participated in several group art shows in Mumbai held at prestigious art galleries such as Jehangir Art Gallery, Taj Art Gallery, as well as in Ahmedabad and other cities across India.

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Title: Modakpriya | Size: 24″X24″ |

Medium:Acrylic in canvas | Price: 14,000 |

Her garden statues, which are on display, bear testimony to the inherent capability of her sculpting skills.

Dr. Vaishali has dedicated this series of acrylic colors on canvas to the one who is the embodiment of wisdom, understanding, and possesses a highly distinguished intellect, necessary to attain perfection in life – LORD GANESHA.